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Scosche with products to 'power up' dads and grads

Dads and grads will love the variety of products from Scosche for 2024.

BaseLynx 2.0 Modular Charging System

BaseLynx 2.0 Modular Charging System individual white modules are immediately available.

These charging modules fit together (like Lego pieces 😊) and can easily be reconfigured to the user’s devices or charging needs as they change.

2.0 is a clean, contemporary design and more compact in size to fit perfectly on home, office or dorm room.

The modules feature fast charging technologies, including smart shared power, GaN technology, and MagSafe® magnetic wireless charging.

The modules can be used alone or combined to provide multiple charging, organization, storage and display options, all powered with one AC power cord.

Scosche PowerUp® 2000

2000A Portable Car Jump Starter/USB Power Bank and LED Flashlight

It’s a must have for every vehicle. Compact. Powerful. Simple to use. Jump start!

The Scosche PowerUp jump starts gas engines up to 8.0 litre, and diesel engines up to 7.0 litre and the Power Boost feature jump starts vehicles even when the battery is completely drained.

The 6-Point Spark-Free Safety System protects from: overheating, overcurrent, overcharge, over discharge, short circuits and reverse connection.

The built-In power bank with a 30W USB-C PD port charges phones, tablets, cameras, laptops and more.

And a built-in bright LED Flashlight also offers Strobe, and SOS modes

Scosche PowerUp® 600 Torch

600 Amp Jump Starter / Power Bank / Flashlight

This device has 600 AMP’s of power that can jump start any vehicle with an engine that has 8-cylinders and up to 5.0 liters or diesel engines with up to 2.0 liters with a partial or dead battery.

The spark-free safety system protects the jumper starter, you and your vehicle.

It features a Multi-mode LED Flashlight with 4 modes and 300 lumens which helps you see your battery in low light and the SOS mode can be used to flag down a passing car in case of emergency.

The 5-Volt (2AMP) USB port charges smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS or any other device with a USB port from the portable battery.

The portable flashlight easily stores inside any glove compartment, vehicle trunk or can be taken with you to use with additional vehicle batteries.

The jump starter comes equipped with 6 safety protections such as such as polarity, overheating, overcharge, over voltage, short circuit and more.

Scosche PowerUp® 32K

Portable Power Station

This long lasting portable charging power station features a 32,000 mAh/116.8Wh Lithium-Ion battery with 110V AC output.

You can power up to 4 devices at once. Charge a laptop using the standard wall plug outlet (110AC/100W Output), along with two USB Type-C devices from the 30W & 20W USB-C ports, and one standard USB device from the 12W (2.4A) USB-A port.

The AC switch turns on/off the AC output, 100W inverter and the internal fan.

The USB switch turns on the USB Type-A and Type-C ports. Push both switches to turn the AC plug outlet and 3 USB ports on/off at the same time.

You can use the PowerUp32K with mobile phones, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, portable electronic devices, cameras, small fans, drones, portable gaming devices and more.

Scosche MagicMount Flask

MM Flask holds your phone and keeps you and your dog hydrated. Its magnetic phone stand holds your phone for calls, or to take photos and shoot videos. Bacteria- and odor-resistant, the double-walled 22 or 32 oz stainless steel Flask keeps beverages cold/24 hours or hot/12. A pop-up straw lets you sip without having to remove your phone. The food-grade silicone cup protects the base of the Flask and is also a water bowl for your dog.


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