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Save your laptop with Laplok

Give the gift of "security" with Laplok.

Strong, lightweight, and easy to use.

A laptop is lost or stolen every 53 seconds, with more than 1,600 laptops stolen daily. LapLok’s mission is to combat grab-and-go theft with simple, convenient solutions to keep your laptop secure and protected, wherever you work.

LapLok is built out of ultra-strong materials that are heavy-duty enough to stand the test of would-be thieves. When not in use, LapLok's size and weight is about the same as a full-sized smartphone for compact portability. It easy connects to your laptop and gives you that added extra layer of protection.

Why Laplok?

LapLok means you can work confidently and calmly with the peace of mind of knowing your device and data aren’t going anywhere - even if you step away for a few minutes here and there.

Over half of people report leaving their laptops unattended for less than five minutes. It doesn't take more than a few seconds to get yours stolen.

Common areas where you’d least expect a theft to occur, such as coffee shops and restaurants, are the highest-targeted locations for laptop theft.

Works with all laptops and tablets

Your workflow relies on a host of devices which is why LapLok is designed to accommodate all laptops and tablets, no matter the brand or design. This gives you ultimate protection over your entire suite of devices


Laptop theft is expensive. It amounts to roughly 5 billion in annual losses, and it takes around nine (9) days to replace a work laptop.


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