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Sandy Bumz is the beach made easy

Sandy Bumz is more than a product, it's family and it's for your entire family. Created in 2015, Sandy Bumz was developed by Jessica, a mother of 3 who always loved going to the beach but didn't want to come back all covered in sand.

Now beach goers of all ages, shapes and sizes and numbers can take advantage of Jessica's vision.

The sturdy Sandy Bumz comes in two colors. A solid blue and a blue and white striped. This product is perfect for the beach and picnics.

But it's not just for the beach!

Sandy Bumz is a lightweight, easy to use product that keeps you and your family clean and safe from pests, dirt and sand.

More that just the beach as it is perfect for the park, Little League games, camping and anywhere you and your family want to sit in comfort outdoors.

It folds up into an easy-to-carry item that packs nicely just about anywhere. When in use, Sandy Bumz is also safe for dogs to use. It sets up in just seconds. Sandy Bumz consists of 8 walls and 52' square feet of a picnic or sitting area. The low walls and easy folding make it easy to set up, pack up and store.

When open, it covers 84*84*8 inches. Sandy Bumz makes a day at the beach even more special.

You can get more information about our outdoor ground cover here:


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