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Rocco & Roxie makes a clean home for the holidays

A clean home is a happy home for the holidays!

It's "getting ready for the holidays cleanup" and Rocco & Roxie have you covered with all the essentials you will need! You don’t have to be a pet owner to enjoy the benefits of the entire Rocco & Roxie naturally-derived cleaning line.

On-the-spot stain removal (new or old stains) --- If you haven't checked out their NEW Extreme Stain & Odor Eliminator $25.99 on Target in a new fresh lemon scent or the Oxy Stain Remover $19.97 for the toughest stains and odors with over thousands of positive ratings and reviews on Amazon from beloved family-founded pet co. Rocco & Roxie.

Stain hack----- did you know that all of the below work to eliminate ANY new or old organic stain so if you just spilled coffee or wine right before guests arrive, these will remove it in seconds, literally!

Carpet cleaning --- The Oxy Carpet Shampoo be used as a spotter/pretreatment while the Oxy Carpet Shampoo uses encapsulation technology to bind any remaining dirt and detergent leftover after cleaning the carpets and encapsulate those remnants into tiny crystals that can be quickly and easily vacuumed up when he carpet is dry. Also available on Amazon, Target, PetSmart,, and

Stain hack -- The Oxy Stain & Odor Eliminator or any of the three stain removes can be used as a spotter/pretreatment before applying the carpet shampoo!

Smelling clean -- adding the Rocco & Roxie Carpet Freshener before a quick vacuum will turn the room into a fresh-smelling environment. The naturally derived formula neutralizes deep-down odors to freshen your carpet and your entire home. It's made of easy-to-vacuum corn cobs instead of abrasive baking sodas that can linger and damage carpet fibers. Normal vacuuming removes only 65-75% of baking-soda products from carpets, while it removes 97-98% of Rocco & Roxie Carpet Freshener deodorizing powder. And it leaves the fresh, citrusy scent of Meyer lemons. It’s available at PetSmart for $12.99.

If you are going to be home for the holidays, why not make it a clean home?


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