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Rick's Pick: Under $20 gift item, Enova Portable Nail Lamp

Doing your nails has never been easier.

Thanks to Enova, and their portable duo LED/UV combo curing nail lamp; it's the only lamp you will ever need. Duo combo lamp combines both LED and UV light cure technology into one lamp! The lamp is on sale or under $20.


★ 100% PORTABLE: Unlike most other lamps on the market, our Portable Nail Lamp does NOT require a USB cord to use. Charge and GO!


★ FAST: Portable Nail Lamp cures most gel polishes in as little 30-60 seconds.

★ EASY TO USE: Simply unfold legs and press down on the top to begin curing.

★ LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: With its sleek design, your new Portable Nail Lamp can rest easily in your pocket, purse, or simply in your hand.

★ USE ANYWHERE: Since no outlet or cord is required for use, the Portable Nail Lamp can be used anywhere, anytime.

It is so handy and palin and simple just works with the touch of a finger.


The lamp contains two modes: Standby and Ready.

Before using, charge your lamp for several hours to ensure it has a full battery life.

When ready to use, your lamp will more than likely be in Standby Mode. To activate, press down on the middle of the lamp for roughly 2 seconds.

The lamp will blink (3) times.

Press down on the middle once again.

This will turn on the lamp.

For usage directly after the lamp has been activated, simply press down on the middle once to turn on.

If the lamp is not used for several minutes, it will go back into Standby Mode.

Order and try with their gel for great results.

Order yours here and check out all the other great Enova products.

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