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Research on eBay going free

eBay is making the Terapeak Product Research tool free to all sellers, it announced on Monday. Previously sellers needed a paid subscription to an eBay Store in order to access the tool at no extra charge.

eBay Product Research provides sellers with marketplace data to gain insight into what’s selling and for how much. “Use Terapeak Product Research to optimize your listing titles, item specifics, pricing, and more,” according to eBay.

On a special landing page, eBay described the benefits, such as using the tool to analyze listings to “help you match the competition,” and said, “You can immediately see high level metrics, such as the percentage of listings with free shipping and average postage costs.”

Sellers will still need a Store subscription to access other eBay research tools offered under the Terapeak brand. It called out its new Terapeak Sourcing Insights tool as an example.

“This new tool gives you powerful features to source new inventory and expand your selling portfolio on eBay,” it said, and listed the following capabilities:

Identify categories with high demand and low supply;

See trends over time, and stay ahead of seasonal demand;

Use sales data to refresh your inventory based on what buyers are looking for.

Great new free feature from eBay.

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