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Remedy Products debuts new line of all natural energy and plant-based options

Remedy Products LLC, the leader in natural plant-based supplements, snacks and topicals designed to support active adult lifestyles, is proud to announce the launch of "The POWER PACK". The pre-packaged grab-and-go box set features one serving each of Remedy+'s two popular energy boosting products: the award-winning cherry chocolate flavored hemp protein snack bar The BAR and CBD infused energy drink The SHOT.

The BAR is a protein snack bar (190 calories per bar) that delivers on energy and taste, utilizing the power of hemp protein with award-winning chocolate berry flavor. Hemp protein is packed with essential nutrients that enhance performance and boost physical health. It contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a "complete protein".

The SHOT is an energy shot boasting a blend of nano broad-spectrum CBD, vitamin B-12, caffeine, ginseng, cinnamon and agave. The SHOT provides focused energy without a foggy crash, and is a great tasting, portable, and natural alternative to other energy beverages and supplements.

"We want to be the first name that comes to people's minds when they think about natural products and boosting performance. The launch of the POWER PACK will go a long way to helping us become the singular name in plant-based performance," says Tom Kurz, Managing Member of Remedy Products LLC. "The POWER PACK's pairing of our SHOT and BAR offers consumers a more effective, natural and super tasty way to fuel the body when on-the-go and is a smart alternative to artificially flavored and chemically enhanced beverages and snacks."

The POWER PACK is Remedy+'s first multi-product package and will begin rolling out in convenience stores, pharmacies and grocery chains across the country later this month at an MSRP of $7.49 per unit. The full line of Remedy+ products, including The DROP, The BAR, The SHOT, The RUB, and The CAP, are also currently available for purchase online as well as at select golf and tennis pro-shops, fitness studios and independent natural product retailers across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Florida.


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