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Razor to partner with Jeep on new scooter

Razor, the foremost trailblazer and innovator in the scooter industry, unveiled its collaboration with the legendary Jeep brand on the new Jeep RX200 electric scooter. Made for adventure, the innovative electric scooter provides off-road capability for you to explore the outdoors and tackle any terrain. The Jeep RX200 with Razor features a cool Army Green Jeep-like style, combined with a finely crafted and engineered body that provides a superior ride and feel.

The Jeep RX200 is the latest addition to Razor’s incredible line-up of adult electric scooters which also includes the recently launched C25, E300 HD, EcoSmart SUP, EcoSmart Metro HD, and E Prime III. Razor offers high performing, stylish rides that are both safe and durable at a very affordable price point. Their electric scooters are also part of a wider collection from iconic kick scooters to hoverboards, to crazy carts, and four-wheelers–-that provide the most thrilling way for people of all ages to get from point A to point B.


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