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Raycon with Gaming Headphones at CES

Raycon's list of offereings has grown with a new product line of headphones created especially for gamers at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The company currently boasts successful lines of earbuds and headphones for exercise, work and everyday use, as well as a line of speakers. The announcement was made at CES 2022.

The wireless Gaming Headphones feature multi-platform connectivity, surround sound spatial audio, built-in HD microphones, RGB earcup lighting and retractable microphones. It also features dual 2.4G ultra-low latency and Bluetooth, dual stacked speakers with immersive vibration haptics, and 25 hours of battery life.

Ray J appreciates the passion of gamers.

“Raycon’s sound helps immerse the gamer into the action and stay focused on the mission,” said Ray J, Chief Strategy Officer for Raycon. “As someone who’s had deep experience in both music and television, I believe that gaming is the next entertainment frontier and I’m excited for Raycon to be part of that movement.”

Raycon was founded in 2017 with the mission to democratize great technology and unlock inspirational audio experiences around the world. By launching innovative and premium audio products through celebrity and influencer endorsements and a customer-first approach, Raycon has experienced exponential growth through its headphones, earbuds, and speakers offering.

The Gaming Headphones will be on sale in Q2 2022 in the U.S. and Canada, and priced at $119.99. They join the current line of Raycon headphones for Everyday and Work.


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