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Ray J welcomes troops home with Raycon products at Hartsfield-Jackson

Expressing gratitude for their service, Ray J snapped photos, signed his Raycon earphones and speakers and fist-bumped the American soldiers coming home for the holidays.

“It is my honor to welcome home our troops. I am excited about Raycon’s partnership with InMotion stores, and look forward to spreading more love during these unprecedented times,” stated Ray J.

“Thank you to the men, women and their families for serving our country. InMotion is privileged to be a part of their journey home for the holidays and our dear friend Ray J can share his gratitude in our busiest airport, Atlanta. Happy Holidays to all,” says Eden Goldberg, Divisional Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of InMotion.

Founded by celebrity, Ray J., Raycon is a company founded to show the world that premium sound can be affordable.

We’re not big tech. However, we’re making a giant impact by designing products that put people first. They’ve got the sound you want, the comfort you need and the price you can handle. We are Raycon, and this is the end of audio as you know it.


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