'Radically Human: How New Technology is Transforming Business Shaping Our Future', and Jim Wilson

Rick has a talk with Jim Wilson.

Technology innovation continues to accelerate exponentially and become more deeply linked with human capabilities. As a result, technology solutions are empowering humans in unprecedented ways. Business leaders must adopt a bold new strategic framework that challenges previous assumptions and focuses on the human issues of trust, experience, talent and sustainability.

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“Radically Human: How New Technology is Transforming Business and Shaping Our Future”, reveals how leading companies are adopting a new generation of human-centric technology to drive innovation amid rapid change. “Radically Human” explains why in an age of emerging technologies such as brain-inspired computing, emotional AI, blockchain, extended reality, synthetic data and the metaverse, it’s ultimately people — not the algorithms deployed or technologies used – that will be the reason most companies succeed.

Research from Accenture shows that leading companies that amplified their technology investments during the COVID-19 pandemic have significantly extended their growth advantage over competitors. In fact, by stepping up investments in cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies, these leading companies are now growing revenue at five times the rate of companies that lag behind.

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