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RacquetX conference coming to Miami, March 24-26 2024

Celebrating the growth of the racquet sports industry.

Former Chairman and President of USTA Katrina Adams, Dink founder Thomas Shields and Former USPA President and PPL Co-Founder Marcos Del Pilar also named in stellar conference schedule that will drive industry conversation.

A global first, RacquetX is hosting a conference for all racquet sports under one roof – encouraging ideas and collaboration between industry professionals in tennis, pickleball, padel and more.

RacquetX itself is a new landmark event that has been established to celebrate the boom currently experienced in the racquet sports industry. It is expected to be one of the highlights of the sports industry calendar when the inaugural event sets up shop in Miami from March 24 - 26 2024.

Held during the middle weekend of the Miami Open tennis across March 24-26 2024, RacquetX is taking over the Miami Beach Convention Center in what will be a huge racquet sports takeover of the South Florida city.

With opportunities for businesses, industry professionals and sports enthusiasts, attendees can look forward to hearing the wisdom of Katrina Adams, Thomas Shields, and Marcos Del Pilar as the event's first three named speakers – with many more names on the way.

Katrina Adams brings her decades of experience in the sport, including her spell as Chairman and President of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) where she tirelessly fought for diversity and inclusion.

With pickleball winning the hearts of millions across America, The Dink and their emerging-sport specialist platform Upswing Sports became the go-to destination for the sport's legions of fans. Founder Shields will be discussing his experiences at the heart of the racquet sports boom.

If pickleball has conquered the United States, padel is doing the same all over the globe. Del Pilar, a true pioneer of padel in the U.S., was President of the United States Padel Association (USPA) from November 2021 - July 2023 and also co-founded America's newest professional sports league, the Pro Padel League (PPL), which debuted in Florida this year.

The brainchild of events guru Robyn Duda and entrepreneur Marco Giberti, RacquetX is the exciting culmination of huge growth across the sector. The conference's three headline sports – tennis, pickleball and padel – have all experienced surges in participation since the pandemic and are riding the crest of a wave as people turn to racquet sports in numbers never seen before.

Tennis has experienced a 33% boom in participation since 20201. Pickleball is taking North America by storm with the number of people playing growing by 59% over three years, reaching a total of 8.9 million in 20222. Padel is widely accepted as the world's fastest-growing sport with over 25 million players3.

As well as those three headline sports, RacquetX is welcoming professionals and enthusiasts of all racquet sports – from squash to badminton and table tennis, and also welcoming cult sports such as Platform tennis, which is popular in the U.S. Northeast. Until now, there was no place for industry professionals across all these sports to exchange ideas and try new products and technologies.

RacquetX Co-Founder Robyn Duda said: "Racquet sports is truly one of the most exciting sectors out there right now, and this is the place to take advantage of that, whether you're a seasoned industry professional, an investor, a club owner or parks and recreation planner or even just a fan – there will be incredible experiences for everyone at RacquetX."

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