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PuroPro perfect for moms, dads and grads

Puro Sound Labs, the world's leading manufacturer of premium, safe children and adult headphones, changed ownership last month after founder Dave Russell decided to sell the company to his daughters, Ashley Warnicki, Christina Russell and Nicole Russell, to both honor Women in the Workplace and also to continue his legacy of providing safe hearing for all.

It's a great choice for Mother's and Father'sDay along with any upcoming graduations.

"As a parent who is conscious of my children's hearing health, especially when it comes to sensory-related sensitivities, I can think of no greater joy than knowing Puro Sound Labs will continue to provide noise protection under the guidance of Ashley, Christina, and Nicole" states Puro Sound Labs original founder and CEO, Dave Russell. His daughter, Nicole Russell, added, "While Puro Sound Labs was founded from my personal experience with Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Ashley, Christina and I are excited to move into the future with fresh ideas on inclusion to provide great sound with safety and comfort for all."

Ashley is a mother of two military kids herself (elementary and middle schoolers) and in her everyday life understands the need to protect their hearing. Also, she recognizes that “school from home” is a way of life in the world and having a quality set of Volume Limiting headphones makes life much easier at home.

It's the perfect storm, the PuroPro and a bunch of holidays and you might need a gift idea.

The PuroPro Hyrbid ANC Volume Limited headphones are adult headphones that feature a built-in microphone, offer multiple levels of ANC, while also limiting the volume to either 85dB or 95dB. Offering up to 32 hours of listening, a high-quality protein leather design, and the Puro Balanced Response Curve, listeners can expect a studio-grade listening experience while also maintaining a safe and responsible hearing volume. Safe for your ears and more!

Limits Volume To 85dB/95dB: Choose between an 85dB and 95dB max volume to protect your ears against permanent hearing damage. 85dB is the maximum safe sound listening level that is recommended by various organizations (WHO, OSHA, etc.) and allows for up to 8 hours of safe listening. 95dB allows the user to safely listen for 50 minutes.

Puro Balanced Response Curve:40mm dynamic drivers and our Puro Balanced Response® Curve provide the user with a genuine studio-grade listening experience. Engineered to deliver amazing audio with clear, crisp vocals and full, dynamic bass all within the 85dB & 95dB volume limits.

Premium Active Noise Canceling Technology:Significant noise reduction for your daily life. Two levels of ANC allow the user to adjust to ambient noise as needed. Level 1-provides a deep noise reduction of 32dB. Level 2-provides a general noise reduction of 15dB. This allows for the enjoyment of music, movies, podcasts, and videos regardless of your environment. 5 microphones included 4 for ANC and 1 for communicating via calls.

Long Battery Life: High-Storage batteries 750mah with playtime up to 28 hours with ANC and 32 hours without ANC. 300 hours of standby time. Bluetooth 5.0 allows for a quick and simple connection to your devices.

High-Quality Design:Protein leather ear cushions and headband allow for a comfortable listening experience without compromising durability. and comfort. Enjoy high-quality audio for long periods of time in comfort. The foldable design makes them easy to store and a great option for travelers.


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