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Protect your ears and more with EarPeace ear plugs

Looking to keep sane and things quiet this holiday season?

EarPeace has ear plugs for travel, musicians and even those wishing to tune out loud family members during holiday gatherings.

Protect our hearing!

We are exposed to all sorts of sounds every single day - from headphones and traffic to lawnmowers and power tools. Normally, we hear these external sources at safe levels that don’t negatively impact our hearing. But when we are exposed to harmful noise—sounds that are too loud or loud sounds that last a long time—we risk permanent damage.

EarPeace PRO, a great line of Ultra-Fidelity ear plugs. EarPeace PRO is the next generation of ear protection and offers a new way for musicians, motorcycle enthusiasts and more to safely do what they love without compromising audio quality or comfort.

“EarPeace PRO is the result of 2+ years of steady R&D with designers, audiologists, partners and customers,” says Jay Clark, Founder & CEO at EarPeace. “We are proud to offer a meaningful step forward in performance and comfort. We’ve kept our customers protected for over a decade and with PRO we are elevating that to a professional experience for everyone.”

Features and benefits of EarPeace PRO include:

Patented Contour Ear Plugs™ mirror the shape of the ear canal for a natural, more comfortable fit.

Offset waveshape fits the ear canal differently than standard ear plugs, ensuring a complete seal of protection and improved filter performance.

Tuned acoustic mesh technology filters out harmful sounds, delivering true-to-life-audio at a lower, safer volume.

When you live life out loud, it’s only a matter of time before you start to feel (and hear!) it. That was the beginning of our story over 10 years ago when we introduced high-fidelity ear plugs that lower the volume without distorting the sound. Today, our products have evolved to help protect your peace from day to night. EarPeace is on a mission to save the world’s hearing by changing the way we think about hearing health and providing solutions to protect it. Our promise is simple - you will hear better & feel better with EarPeace.


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