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Preserve your hearing with the Music PRO High-Fi hearing protection from Earpeace

The Earpeace Music PRO earplugs allow you to still hear and experience the world, but without the risk of permanent damage. Our hearing is especially vulnerable to sounds over 85 dB, which is when earplugs are particularly important. The volume level of an average concert venue is 115 dB. These sound frequencies are the reason musicians are 57% more likely to have tinnitus than the general public and 30% of people are affected globally by hearing loss.

This is why Earpeace created the Music PRO earplugs. Their mission is to allow people to listen to their music without pain or risk of hearing loss. Earpeace has designed an attenuation filter technology that allows the ideal amount of sound to enter the eardrum for a safe, crisp sound. It has also implemented a hypoallergenic, reusable silicone cover to ensure comfort when wearing them. Noises such as wind are filtered out to hear the necessary sounds more clearly.

With your purchase of earplugs from Earpeace, you will receive 2 sets of PRO Earplugs in sizes small and standard as well as a choice of a PRO Filter. A dual-chamber aluminum carrying case is also included that can clip to keychains or purses for easy travel.

Users can choose from 3 PRO filters that range in decibel reduction. Medium protection (16 dB) is ideal for acoustic shows, while high protection (20 dB) is crucial for outdoor concerts and festivals. Max protection (24 dB) is perfect for clubs, stadiums and arenas.

I had the high-protection earplugs at a football game, and they blocked out all of the crowd noise while I could still hear the updates of the game. There was no usual ringing or headache at the end of the night. The acoustic filter technology acted as an eardrum absorbing excessively loud sound that enhanced my overall auditory experience.

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Claire Becknell contributed this piece.

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