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Popdarts popularity continues into 2022

There are a lot things that came out of the pandemic of 2020/21. Some good, some bad and some more popular than others.

A surprise popular item... Popdarts


This is the most popular family interactive toy in 2021, and it is also a toy that can help us release stress.

Popdarts remains this summer’s hottest new game. It’s a fun and engaging twist on the traditional dart game with suction darts that stick to smooth surfaces such as countertops, windows, car windshields, and glass doors. The compact sets can be played wherever you go, indoors or outdoors.

Popdarts are ready to go with you wherever you go. No setup required. Start playing!

Game rules:

Here’s How to Play:

  • Stick the orange Target Marker to a smooth surface

  • Take turns throwing toward the Target Marker

  • The team with the most points wins the round

  • Closest POPDART to the Target Marker = 3 points

  • Every other POPDART that sticks = 1 point

  • Each game consists of multiple rounds

  • The first team to reach 21 points wins

  • Enjoy the laughs and intense competition!

Brothers Jason and Josh Carman created Popdarts to move people away from screens and encourage fun times with friends and family. The patent-pending game has proven to be just what we need to get us moving and cheering (and maybe making our own viral videos, too!). The game is available on Amazon and the Popdarts’ website.


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