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Poof! Patch helps all types of skin

For just $18 for a pack of 32, clear skin and more! at

Poof! Patch creators, Erika and Julia, have almost 30 years of healing, soothing, and treating blemishes on their clients. Their passion for skincare and their love of a day at the pool inspired the first Poof! Patch. They noticed that the popular blemish patches only offered skin-inspired colors that never truly matched their client's skin. An awkward flesh-colored sticker meant to be hidden but clearly stood out. So, Erika and Julia asked themselves, "Why hide while you heal?" ​

​It was meant to be.

They designed Poof! Patches to cover your blemish without hiding the rest of you. Decorate your pimples, scars, and ingrown hairs while you heal them.

These patches where originally designed to help ingrown hairs wherever they may be on the body. Examples: bikini zone, bum, neck and back where the hair has trouble exiting the skin properly. They cover and protect these often painful eruptions. Poof! Patches will also help heal bites, burns, small cuts & abrasions.

The hydrocolloid patch provides a watertight seal keeping bacteria out and protection from friction. Hydrocolloid pulls moisture from the wound and aids in the healing process. The single added ingredient of the calendula flower is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and is known to soothe skin irritations as well as speed up the healing process.

There is one single ingredient, calendula. Hydrocolloid patches are moisture absorbing and help the skin heal from the inside out. It helps provide a sterile environment while improving blemishes on moist body part that are typically hard to protect. Calendula (or marigold) is antimicrobial and helps with scar reduction from wounds and incisions.


Don’t sweat date night with this collection of body art-inspired hydrocolloid patches

Fun designs to express yourself

Can be used on the whole body for a variety of skin issues

Infused with calendula and its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

Protects blemishes, bites, cuts, and more while they heal

Encourages bacteria, sebum, and hair to rise to the surface


Effective for skin concerns for all ages

Order yours at


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