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Perfect for campers, Pull Start Fire means no matches needed

Looking for the perfect gift for the individual, couple or family that enjoys camping or the outdoors?

It's as easy as Pull Start Fire.

Pull Start Fire gets the part and campfire going with just a pull of a string! Wet logs or crazy winds? Not a problem!

Enjoy it in the backyard, on your next camping trip and/or gift it to your fav outdoor enthusiast. It's safe and easy to use.

It's gets your fire started in a matter of seconds. Get a case for under $30 here.

Whether you have perfected the quarantine backyard s'more or have participated in the historic camping surge of 2020, one thing was needed: a cozy fire. Pull Start Fire will be the MVP of your camp. It's easy to store and take with you in your gear.

Guaranteed fire as it's windproof and rainproof, this eco-friendly innovation burns for 30 minutes and will warm the hearts of everyone on your gift list!

Campers are universal in their praise of Pull Start Fire.


- Start a fire with a pull of string - just add wood or logs!

- Let the flames begin within 5 seconds!

- Withstands the toughest elements including rain and strong wind!

- Can light WET wood!

- No matches or lighters needed!

- Burns for 30 minutes!

- Multiple built-in safety features!


After a trip in the snow with friends and unable to start a fire, Michael Beyrodt, a college student at the time, felt there had to be an easier way. So he created one! With hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon, outdoor enthusiasts everywhere are so glad he did.

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Available on and by retailers nationwide, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Camping World, Amazon and others.


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