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Pale Blue Earth smart batteries

Americans throw ten million batteries away every day, and once they're in the landfill, they slowly leach toxic heavy metals into our soil and water. It's a genuine mess. Recycling options are limited and inefficient; not to mention many other rechargeable batteries on the market are either cheaply made or sold by "big battery" companies who don't want to market a more sustainable option to compete against their cash cow disposables.

Enter Pale Blue Earth: A single Pale Blue rechargeable smart battery will replace 1000+ alkaline disposables, saving the world and our wallets at the same time. Thanks to a proprietary battery management system, and a lithium cell typically found in higher-end electronics, each Pale Blue battery is more efficient, safer to use, and charges 5x faster than traditional rechargeable batteries.

Pale Blue Smart Batteries can be purchased on, or from a growing number of retailers nationwide. Prices range from $24.99 for a four-pack of AAA to $199 for a 28 battery Home Conversion Kit.


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