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OneWorld 65 - International Adapter and Charger is all you need

OneWorld 65 - International Adapter with 65W PD Charger or PA-ONE-65W

Brand new, OneWorld65 packs the latest 65W GaN (gallium nitride) charger, making it the most powerful, smallest, and safest travel adapter in recent memory. The OneWorld65 packs with two USB PD ports, capable of charging MacBook directly without the need of the bulky power brick. Fast charging iPhone, iPad etc... And three additional USB charging ports for all other devices.

$69.00 USD


GaN (Gallium Nitride) Technology

1 x 65W USB PD charging port with QC

1 x 20W USB PD charging port with QC

1 x USB C Smart charging port

2 x USB A Smart charging port

10A AC universal power outlet

Works in over 200+ countries

Charge up to 6 devices simultaneously

Give this adapter a try:

GaN (Gallium Nitride) chargers are not only more efficient at transferring current, but this also means less energy is lost to heat. So, more energy goes to whatever you’re trying to charge.

65W USB PD Charging Port

Charge your MacBook, USB C Powered Notebook directly from the 65W USB PD charging port without the bulky power brick. iPad, iPhone fast charging compatible.

20W USB PD Charging Port

Designed to fast charge your iPad, iPhone.

3 Smart USB Charging Ports

Use at home or in the officer, or bring with you wherever you go!

BS8546 compliance - what does that mean?

BS8546 approved with fully grounded connection for highest safety protection. Capable to handle up to 10A of continuous power consumption.

Charge up to 6 devices simultaneously

With 2 USB C PD, 3 Smart USB ports and 1 universal AC outlet. OneWorld65 power and charge up to 6 devices simultaneously no matter where you are.

Worldwide compatible

Works in over 200 countries. USB Charger supports broad input range (100-240V) for international voltage requirements.


Input: 100-240V

Output (USB-C PD): 65W max, 5V3a, 9V3a, 12V1.5a, 20V 3A

Output (USB-C PD): 20W max. 5V3a, 9V3a, 12V1.5a

Output (Smart USB): 5V3.0a

Output (AC): 100-240V @ 7A max.


Dimensions: W 54.5 x L 69.0 x H 67.0 mm / W 2.15 x L 2.72 x H 2.64 inch

Weight: 178.2 g / 6.29 oz


Model No.: PA-ONE-65W

UPC: 836528008064


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