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One of the most popular and reviewed products of 2022, Blissy Pillows

A pillowcase can make a difference?

Blissy pillowcases will give you an incredible night’s sleep!

Ever imagine what it would be like to sleep through the entire night without waking up? Or better yet, to sleep through the entire night and get the deepest most restful sleep that you’ve had in years? Well, with the Blissy Silk Pillowcase you don’t have to imagine it.

Blissy is temperature regulating which makes tossing and turning a thing of the past. The Blissy pillowcase refracts infrared heat and adjusts to your body's temperature keeping you cool throughout the night.

The Blissy pillowcase is so soft and smooth, it won't bunch up and become uncomfortable.

Your head retains approximately 10% of your body heat. So, if you tend to get hot while you sleep, a cooling pillow or pillowcase is probably important to you.

With a Blissy, you won’t wake up in the middle of the night just to flip the pillow over to the cool side. You can sleep through the night and wake up relaxed and refreshed.

It'll improve the look, feel, and health of your hair.

You'll wake up with your hair looking better than how it was when you went to bed! The super high quality 22-Momme 100% Mulberry Silk used for Blissy pillowcases are incredibly soft and smooth. This reduces the friction on your hair making it virtually non-existent. Because of this your hair won't tug or pull and get tangled like it would with other pillowcases. And because there’s no friction to create heat, you won’t get breakages or split ends either.

Pillowcases made from other fabrics, like cotton, for instance, absorb an incredible amount of moisture from your hair. This causes your hair to dry out and damage it. Over time as that moisture builds up in the fabric, the fabric becomes absolutely filthy. And every time you go to bed, all of that built-up dirt and grease gets all over your hair. You’ll notice that you have to wash your hair much more often than you’d like to.

The Blissy pillowcase won't absorb moisture. The natural oils and moisture found in your hair, stay in your hair. They won’t absorb into the pillowcase, and your hair won’t be stripped of its moisture while you sleep. Your hair will be cleaner, your pillow will be cleaner, and you won’t have to wash your hair nearly as often.

When you wake up with a Blissy pillowcase, your hair will be healthier, shinier, and it’ll feel great!

Your skin will thank you!

Your face is in direct contact with your pillowcase all night while you sleep. Pillowcases made from other fabrics create friction and absorb your skin's moisture and any lotions you put on your face before bed. This causes blemishes, dryness, irritation, oily skin, and sleep wrinkles.

Those oils and lotions build up and create a filthy breeding ground for harmful bacteria which clog your pores and irritate your skin. With the Blissy Pillowcase, it won't absorb your skin’s oils or any lotions that you put on. So when you wake up your face isn’t dried out and damaged.

Blissy pillowcases help prevent sleep wrinkles by allowing your skin to always stay hydrated. It also prevents breakouts by keeping out all the harmful bacteria that usually build up on cotton pillowcases and clog your pores.

Blissy creates a gentle environment where your skin can actually repair itself from the damage it endured throughout the day.

You'll always wake up with a morning glow.

It’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial!

Your cotton pillowcase is creating a bacterial nightmare. Every. Single. Night. And because your pillowcase has rough fiber’s and thousands of microscopic nooks and crannies, dust mites and allergens are able to call your pillowcase home.

Blissy is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Blissy’s silk material and the way the pillowcase is made doesn’t allow allergens to embed or stick themselves to the pillowcase, and Blissy doesn’t encourage the growth of harmful bacteria either. This makes the Blissy pillowcases perfect for your allergies.

Say goodbye to waking up with stuffiness, sneezing, watery eyes and runny noses.

"A DREAM to sleep on! Love my skin and hair when I wake up, no more puffy allergy eyes! I loved it so much I got one for my husband as well!" - Gabrielle P.

And cleaning Blissy won’t ruin it!

You can machine-wash your Blissy over and over again and it won’t get ruined like so many other fabrics.

Because of its anti-bacterial properties the Blissy pillowcase can actually be washed 3x less than your cotton pillowcase and still be as fresh as day 1.

The Blissy will always feel and smell fresh like it did on the very first day you used it.

It’s also the best traveling companion.

Why sacrifice your rest because you’re traveling. Bring your Blissy pillowcase with you and put it on your hotel pillows. Or even go a step further and put it on your travel pillow. Get the same benefits in the air or in the hotel that you do at home. Traveling doesn’t always have to be an inconvenience. With Blissy, it makes it enjoyable.

Blissy definitely adds flair.

You’ve probably never slept on anything quite like this before. When you cover your pillows with Blissy Silk Pillowcases your bed instantly transforms into something that looks like it was made for a movie star. Blissy’s luxurious, beautiful sheen, and it’s incredible softness, look and feel lightyears better than any other pillowcase you’ve ever tried.


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