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Olympians and their kids need sleep and love SNOO

Serena Williams and Ryan Lochte have a secret to share.

What do Serena Williams (4 Gold), Ryan Lochte (12x medalist), Alana Nichols (Paralympic wheelchair basketball and alpine skier), Heather O’Reilly (soccer, 3x Gold), Matthew Grevers (swimming 6x medalist) have in common besides the honor of being an American Olympian? They have SNOOs and good sleep.

“We are fortunate to have a great (and growing) group of new and expectant OLYMPIAN parents who are totally into SNOO,” according to Dr. Harvey Karp, creator of the safe baby bed which studies have shown to add 2-3 hours/night to everyone’s sleep. “Olympians and Olympic hopefuls are probably one of the most astute groups of people when it comes to their bodies, health and the importance of sleep,” he continues. “That is why we are exceptionally proud that they are appreciating the value of SNOO when a new baby arrives. When it comes to SNOO – we go for the GOLD!”

From two-time Olympian, Matt Grevers: “Sleep is part of my job. Human growth hormone is produced during sleep, which is important for training recovery. As soon as I heard there was anything to help with sleep, I was super excited. If there was an option that we could use instead of hurting ourselves physically and mentally, well, it sounded amazing.”

SNOO is the award-winning smart bassinet that monitors your baby and responds with gentle rocking motions to soothe and comfort and get hours more sleep. SNOO adds peace of mind by securing the baby safely on the back and naturally sleep trains, as well. SNOO is available for purchase or rental.

An Honest Snoo Review (not sponsored, not gifted) - Bash & Co.

Dr. Karp is the best-selling author of #1 parent guides Happiest Baby on the Block and Happiest Toddler on the Block, a pediatrician and CEO of Happiest Baby, the smart tech and parenting solutions company.


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