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New mobile app game inspired by the 1978 film, 'Halloween'

Cue the music... are you ready for a spine-chilling experience this Halloween season with "Halloween: A Match Made in Terror," the brand-new official match-3 mobile game app inspired by the 1978 Classic Film. Developed in collaboration with Compass International Pictures, Inc, diGGital doGG, and Further Front, this thrilling game promises to immerse players in a heart-pounding escape from the clutches of the relentless and terrifying Michael Myers.

Celebrate Halloween with "Halloween: A Match Made in Terror," a Spine-Chilling Mobile Game Inspired by the 1978 Film.

After a harrowing escape from Smith's Grove Sanitarium, the notorious killer Michael Myers is on the loose, lurking in the shadows of Haddonfield, headed home. As one of the town's residents, you must summon your wit and courage to outsmart the relentless slasher and survive the treacherous Halloween night.

How to Play:

In the game, players will be challenged with a series of ever-increasingly difficult match-3 puzzles, utilizing the haunting iconography and chilling scenes from the classic Halloween film. Engage your problem-solving skills and match three or more symbols to unlock powerful boosters. Escape from Michael's grasp, and progress through the spine-tingling levels that every fan of the 1978 classic will enjoy. Relive the original film in a unique way. Surviving Michael won't be easy!

Game Features:

- Thrilling Gameplay: Immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere of Haddonfield as you face the iconic Michael Myers and evade his relentless pursuit.

- Iconic Characters and Scenes: Relive memorable moments from the 1978 Halloween movie as you progress through the game.

- Powerful Boosters: Utilize special boosters and power-ups to overcome challenging puzzles.

- Free to Play: "Halloween: A Match Made in Terror" is available for download and play on iOS and Android devices at no cost.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of the 1978 classic, or seeking an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience, this mobile game is sure to captivate and terrify players of all levels. Download the game in the App Store or on Google Play by visiting


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