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New high tech volleyball uniforms debut in Japan

Toray Industries has announced today that it has developed new uniforms for the Toray Arrows men’s volleyball team with MOONRAKERS. The latter is an advanced technological product development project of Diplomode, Inc. The team will wear the new uniforms in the 2023-24 V.League season, which starts on October 14.

The uniforms employ Field Sensor® EX, a sweat-absorbing, quick-drying fabric that safeguards colors from moisture. They incorporate MOON-TECH®, a space-age deodorization and antifouling technology that Toray developed with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. The new uniforms are around 10% lighter and dry 1.5 times faster than regular ones. In addition, the water retention rate on the skin surface is low, so the fabric does not become sticky when sweating, and the uniform does not inhibit body movement. They are very stretchable in all directions to help maximize player performances. Another key design consideration is that it will match society’s sustainability demands. The garments will last for a whole season and incorporate recyclable fabrics.

The abundant aquatic resources of the team’s home stadium in Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture, inspired the design of the uniforms. They express the team’s gratitude to its hometown on the court and look bright and positive for fans. These garments are the fruit of a comprehensive approach that the Toray Group took to cater to player feedback, from developing fibers and fabrics through designing and sewing.

Volleyball is essentially a battle against gravity, which is why Toray and MOONRAKERS made the uniforms as light as possible without compromising comfort, sustainability, and design aesthetics. Another priority was to have a truly Made in Japan result by creating the advanced materials domestically and having Japanese artisans carefully sew them.

Toray and MOONRAKERS launched their project to help athletes and performers pursuing perfection get ahead by benefiting from advanced technology.

Toray will keep innovating materials and products catering to specific sports by drawing on field results in volleyball and other competitions, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to meet the challenge of developing gear that empowers athletes to perform at their best.


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