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New from CES: Runners will love the new SOUL Blade

Athletes dread developing bad habits and for years, SOUL, maker of affordable wireless audio products, has been working on earbuds that can personalize your running and exercise experience by giving users useful tips to go along with their music.

Over two years in the making, Blade is a next generation hearable experience that offers personalized coaching via real-time personalized AI voice coaching and smart heart rate sensor - like a FitBit, but for your ears. Winner of the CES Innovation Award 2021 and Runner’s World Editor Choice 2020, the BLADE offers the following key features:

Some of the specs:

BiomechEngine™ captures and analyzes your body motion to deliver real-time AI coaching advice, including personalized tips on running form, step width, and more.

A smart heart rate sensor enhances your training efficiency to improve performance and reduce injury risk.

Connects to a dedicated SOULFIT app designed to track data, set goals, add/challenge your friends to a virtual run, and provide access to a virtual running community.

Freebit C-shape ear hooks guarantee an ergonomic and secure fit.

Transparent Audio Mode allows you to hear your surroundings, whether you’re running on a busy street or biking outdoors.

IPX7 waterproof, 96 hours of playtime with USB-C external charging case, Bluetooth 5.0, aptX and AAC Codec

After multiple design iterations, Blade will officially be available for purchase in Spring 2021.

MSRP expected to be $199.99.

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