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New drone detects radiation exposure levels

Traditionally, nuclear stations have relied on personnel to maintain low radiation exposure levels. The introduction of the Elios 2 RAD provides a significant increase in worker safety. Designed to help reduce radiation exposure wherever possible, the model is made to take the place of personnel in collecting visual and radiation data. It is also capable of providing high-quality data for planning interventions that do require exposure, in order to keep it to a minimum.

With its built in energy Geiger-Muller detector, the Elios 2 RAD can detect radiation while in flight through Flyability’s piloting app. Afterwards, engineers can use Flyability’s Inspector 3.0 software to map the radiation along the drone’ flight path, showing the exact location of dangerous dose levels. They can then play back the inspection flight within Inspector 3.0, using it to see dose rate measurements displayed on top of the video footage.

“The Elios 2 RAD represents the first chapter in our efforts to create indoor drones targeted specifically for each of our key verticals, accelerating our mission to use robots instead of people for dangerous indoor inspection jobs,” says Flyability’s CEO Patrick Thévoz. “The Elios 2 RAD has the potential to significantly reduce the need for inspectors to be exposed to harmful radiation or to the hazards of confined space entry for the purposes of conducting routine inspections.”

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