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New compostable cups will make sports 'Better for All'

Think of the waste!

Billions and billions of pounds of plastic sent to landfills, a lot comes from plastic packaging, a category that includes single-service cups.

Sports events and tailgates are a huge source of this waste. How many sports games, tailgates, and backyard barbecues have you attended that contributed to the problem? What if we could replace those cups with ones that would decompose naturally, in water, in soil, with or without oxygen?

Better for All is a bold project committed to taking on the ‘big plastics’ industry - replacing the traditional SOLO cup with a compostable, lightweight alternative. A cup that decomposes with food waste organically after 24 weeks.

Better for All cups are made from a unique material called PHBH, which is designed to completely biodegrade in almost any environment. Each cup is reusable, dishwasher-safe, nontoxic, can hold cold and hot drinks, and the 16 oz. size is great for a tailgate. Best of all, it decomposes organically after being thrown away. The cups are TUV-certified home compostable and BPI-certified compostable, meaning they will completely biodegrade - even in a home composting environment.

Can't wait to see where this goes!

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