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New CBD energy bar helps with recovery

Etera Foods has introduced a new category of post-workout muscle recovery bars with the launch of their first product, The After Bar. Etera Foods is committed to redefining "recovery" by introducing a product that boosts both the body and mind after a workout. Made with non-hemp-derived CBD and macronutrient optimized, plant-based ingredients - The After Bar is a holistic recovery product.

The After Bar is available in three superfood-based flavors: Dark Chocolate Cherry Matcha, Antioxidant Berry Fusion, and Original Harvest Trail. These bars contain whole inclusions and nutrient-rich ingredients. Ingredients like ceremonial-grade matcha, anti-inflammatory turmeric, Polynesian noni, and exotic dragon fruit bring rich variety to the typical flavors seen in the bar category. All three flavors of The After Bar are 100% vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

"After two years of research and development, Etera Foods has taken the gap between flavor and fa aunctionality in stride," said CEO and Founder Blake Godlove. The concept for The After Bar came from dissatisfaction with other bar's Nutritionals and flavor. Each flavor contains a blend of omega-rich Sacha Inchi protein and pea protein, providing 14 grams of protein. Paired with natural carbohydrates from the fruit as well as healthy fats from nuts, The After Bar contains a balanced macronutrient ratio for optimized recovery.

The After Bar's PureForm CBD is incredibly high-quality CBD that is derived from citrus, not hemp, so it can never contain THC. The technology used to extract CBD from citrus terpenes (aromatic compounds in oranges) involves no toxic solvents and preserves their organic essence. "The After Bar is in a unique position by way of our partnership with PureForm Global," said Godlove. "By utilizing their citrus-derived CBD, we can offer consumers a completely risk-free form of CBD that has all of the amazing recovery benefits, without the possibility of a THC inclusion." Each After Bar contains 20 mg of PureForm CBD.

The After Bar is available on The After Bar website to buy a sampler pack of 6 bars at $24.99.

Learn more about Etera Foods and The After Bar at

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