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New Bassmaster Fishing 2022 video game includes Lake Hartwell, Greenville, SC

Just in time for the upcoming Bassmaster Classic in Greenville.

Just in time for the 2022 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Huk in Greenville.

A video game for all fishing enthusiasts to compete on an Upstate lake with 55 of the world's best anglers.

The new downloadable content update of the video game Bassmaster Fishing 2022 was released in time to build excitement for the upcoming Bassmaster Classic tournament on Lake Hartwell, which starts on March 4.

This game puts your right on the lake.

Recreate the experience as closely as possible, including matching water temperatures, depths and fish behavior, tournament officials said in a release. The dynamic time of day system sets the perfect mood for a Classic competition, altering lighting and shadows across the lake for a more immersive experience.

The update also includes support for the Bassmaster Classic three-round tournament structure and adds new “Legendary” named fish for players to track and catch.

The Lake Hartwell venue downloadable content is available for purchase on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam, with a limited-time discount ending March 3 on Steam and March 17 on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.


Exclusive B.A.S.S. Content - Equip and use a vast selection of licensed content such as Yamaha Outboard motors, Skeeter Boats, Missile Baits, and much more!

10 Pro Anglers - Play as or compete against legends like Scott Martin, Hank Cherry, and 8 other official pro anglers.

8 Official Venues - Take to the water on 8 real-world venues and explore everything from Sabine Rivers back waters to the huge open horizons on Lake Hamilton.

Our Largest Multiplayer - Take on the vast Bassmaster Fishing 2022 online modes. Climb the global leader boards, jump into cross play modes, or be the champion in Bassmaster Royale.

Career Mode - Compete throughout the College Series, Opens, and Elite Series and progress to the Bassmaster Classic to become the champion. With Dave Mercer, the official tournament announcer, to host your weigh ins as you chart your course for success, increase your following with big catches and bigger partners with the new sponsors system.

Gameplay Fundamentals - Fish from a new perspective with the underwater camera, explore and mark up venues with the new GPS map system, and finesse fishing around weeds with the right equipment to avoid snagging.

Fish AI and Movement - Be the best bass angler by hunting out those lunkers. Fish will move around the water looking for points of interest and also at different depths due to the dynamic time of day system.

Bassmaster Fishing 2022: Deluxe Edition, the official video game of B.A.S.S., is bringing the thrill of competitive big bass fishing to consoles! Dive into the fully licensed content from the Bassmaster series from amateur to elite events.


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