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Netflix popularity passes the networks

Netflix popularity surges.

The popularity of streaming services is on the rise. By 2026, the use of traditional TV services will drop by a projected 42% , per Statista. Now, streaming services attract new members by releasing their own original programming, that’s only available on their service.

While big media companies like ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS have been around for decades, Netflix has crashed the party by producing some of the most-watched original programming in the last few years.

With a long list of popular shows on the top-five platforms, Americans watched more than 1.12 trillion minutes of original programming in Q1 2023.

1. Netflix — 337 Billion Minutes Viewed

The newest company on this list, Netflix was founded in August 1997. Over the last few years, it’s quickly become the most popular streaming platform in the world, featuring some of the most memorable and captivating original programming.

In Q1 of this year, Netflix viewers watched 337 billion minutes of original programming, nearly 20 percent more than CBS, the next-highest network.

In the past two years, Netflix Original movies have also become increasingly popular. With many Netflix Original shows and movies still scheduled to be released, the number of minutes viewed on its original programming will only be trending up in the future.

2. CBS — 281 Billion Minutes Viewed

One of the oldest media companies in the US, CBS checks in at No.2 with 281 billion minutes of original programming viewed in Q1.

CBS was founded in 1927 and is one of the most popular US broadcasting companies. The media company is involved in more than just original programming. The radio and television network also covers news and sports. However, those numbers aren’t reflected in the original programming minutes.

Instead, the original programming stems from popular shows like Young Sheldon, CSI, Criminal Minds, Late Night shows, NCIS, Survivor, and The Young and the Restless.

3. NBC — 190 Billion Minutes Viewed

Known as the National Broadcasting Company, NBC is the oldest company on the list. Founded in 1926, NBC is a radio and television network. The company has 12 stations and 200 affiliates throughout the US. Like the best media companies, NBC also covered the news and sports.

In Q1, NBC original programming was consumed for 190 billion minutes, making it America’s second-most popular TV network, behind only CBS.

Some of NBC’s most popular original programming includes Dateline, Weakest Link, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, Law & Order, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

4. ABC — 181 Billion Minutes Viewed

Founded in 1943, ABC is known as the American Broadcasting Company. It’s a flagship property of Disney Entertainment. During a regularly scheduled week, the network provides 89 hours of original programming, including daytime programs, news, and sports.

However, ABC Original programming stems from shows like The Rookie, the Bachelor, Shark Tank, American Idol, Family Feud, Nightline, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Celebrity Jeopardy, and more.

During the Q1 period in 2023, ABC had 181 billion minutes viewed on original programming.

5. FOX — 129 Billion Minutes Viewed

One of the newer broadcasting companies, Fox was founded in 1986.

Like the Big Three in NBC, ABC, and CBS, Fox covers both sports and news. The broadcasting company is home to popular TV shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Master Chef, The Masked Singer, Bob’s Burger, and more.

In the Q1 period in 2023, Fox totaled 129 billion minutes viewed on original programming.


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