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National Mango Day drinks

My favorite fruit, the mango is front and center today.

National Mango Day is today, Thursday, July 22nd and why not celebrate with Sōmrus’ Mango Cream Liqueur (13% ABV; SRP: $24.99).

Made using real dairy cream from Wisconsin, quintuple-distilled Caribbean rum, and all-natural flavors, Sōmrus is a smooth and delicious addition to countless recipes

Sōmrus Mango is made with Alphonso Mangos, also known as the King of Mangos

One delicious recipe is below, and dozens more are on TikTok

The beautiful packaging and 2-year shelf life make Sōmrus Mango a "secret weapon" addition to any bar. If you are not familiar, Mangos taste like a cross between a peach, nectarine, and apricot -- but better!

Truly Mango Shake/All-Natural Mango Shake: Spoon 1 tablespoon of instant vanilla pudding mix into a tall glass; pour your favorite flavor of Truly, and a shot of Sōmrus Mango, then blend. DELICIOUS.


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