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MyEli is connected jewelry that offers security

I'll stop to look at a pretty piece of jewelry, but I'll pay even more attention if there is a tech angle to the jewel.

MyEli is an aesthetic and secure connected jewel, which allows to ALERT emergency contacts in case of imminent danger (street assault, domestic violence, epileptic fit, violent fall...), to be SECURE thanks to these emergency contacts and to REASSURE your friends and family when you are "home safe".

Connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, it is linked to a 100% customisable mobile application that allows several simultaneous actions to be set up in the event of an insecurity.

MyEli is connected defense.

With MyEli, Ludivine Romary wishes to bring freedom and reassurance to all by creating a security bubble around the person in danger thanks to a connected chip which helps alerting relatives in the event of a danger, in only once click on the wrist.

1 Click: Alert and Secure

At first, the user needs to enter their security contact numbers (from 1 to 5 persons among their relatives) in the app available on iOS and Android.

Then, if the person doesn’t feel safe, they can click once on the connected jewel in order to send an alert to the emergency contact numbers as well as their GPS position. A GPS tracking starts and the app can also trigger a sound alarm to repel the aggressor, as well as activate an audio recording through the phone. Relatives can thus assist as quickly as possible, if they are geographically close to the person in danger, or contact competent authorities. TEXTS – CALLS – CONTACTS are customizable at any moment.

2 Clicks : Reassure Relatives

MyEli is also a reassuring jewel: by clicking twice on the connected jewel, the person can let their relatives know that they got home safely.

These jewels are connected, esthetic, at the cutting edge of technology and Made in France.

The four bracelets in the L’Intrépide collection are sold on

The L’Intrépide collection, composed of two jewels, one silver bangle and one gold half-bangle half-chain, at the cost of 95€, will thus be available in time for the holiday season. And considering a high demand for men and young adults jewels, a new collection has been launched.

Safety and security is a beautiful jewel.


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