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My experience with MS Bell, the virtual bell desk

A stay at the Luxor Hotel and Resort ended as many of my trips to Las Vegas do, with a stop at the bell desk to store my bags until later that afternoon.

Well, now you contact with a human is minimal as your store your bags.

With MS Bell, luggage delivery becomes efficient and modernized, delivering a seamless guest experience and ultimately a better review.

Barcoded luggage tags allow Bellmen to tag and scan luggage on the mobile application upon guest arrival. Corresponding barcodes placed on storage areas, entry points and guest rooms allow Bellmen to document each time the location of the luggage changes. A fail-safe feature also alerts Bellmen when an incorrect barcode is scanned based on the parameters of the assignment they are completing.

The system incorporates your property’s existing calculation method to determine the next available Bellman for dispatch, creating a custom auto assignment flow.

When you are ready to pick up your bags, scan the barcode on your ticket and within minutes, someone will bring out your bags.

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