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LOOK Cinemas with deals through the rest of the year

LOOK Cinemas offers deals to go to the movies this holiday season and 2024.

LOOK Infinity Club, your local luxury theater has extended the Black Friday Flash sale through the end of December! Movie enthusiasts can still snag an annual subscription to LOOK Infinity Club which includes one free movie a day (and so much more listed below) for the unbeatable price of just $99 – more than half off the regular annual fee!

LOOK Infinity Club subscription details:

Flash sale: Now, and through the end of December, members can secure an annual subscription for only $99!

Cost starting January 1st: $19.99 per month, or $199 annually

Unlimited movies: Infinity Club members can enjoy one movie every day at any LOOK Dine-In Cinemas location!

$2 off on a companion ticket: Bring a friend now and then! Members receive a daily companion ticket at a discounted rate of $2 off the regular price.

Waived online fees: LOOK is waiving all convenience fees for Infinity Club members when purchasing tickets online!

Surprise & Delights: Members will enjoy VIP treatment including; free screenings, snacks and so much more!

To take advantage of the extended flash sale and for more information on LOOK’s Infinity Club membership, your audience can head to:


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