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Lifetime protection for your Samsung Galaxy S23 with the Peak Design Everyday Case

What's the point of having a premium smartphone like a Samsung Galaxy S23 without having a case to protect your investment?

Imagine the perfect balance of slimness, smart aesthetics, and protection, plus it being part of the entire Peak Design Mobile Ecosystem. It's an "everyday" case with zero compromise—and you don't have to take our word. The Wirecutter frankly admits "we don't say this often, but there aren't any flaws."

It features a slim 2.4mm profile and protective rubberized bumper, all wrapped in beautiful nylon canvas shell. But what truly sets this case apart is the brilliant magnetic/mechanical lock that's built right into it. It's mounting technology called SlimLink™, and it's so fast and secure that it borders on magic.

With this case on your phone, you can instantly connect to all Peak Design Mobile mounts, chargers, and accessories. It can even make your Samsung device work with MagSafe chargers and accessories. Oh I forgot, it's easy to put on your phone and it will most of all, protect your phone.


Ultra-slim 2.4mm profile

MSRP: iPhone 14 Everyday Case = $39.95

Fully compatible wi/ entire Peak Design mobile ecosystem

Charging Desk Stand + Mobile Tripod + Car Mount + Wallet, and more

SlimLink™ magnetic locking provides secure placement and 1-handed attachment/removal

Rubberized full-surround shock-absorbing bumper—6ft drop protection

Protective lip around screen and camera lenses

Weatherproof, bluesign-approved, 100% recycled nylon canvas shell

Guaranteed for life


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