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LG Electronics releases 2022 earbud models

Piece by: Claire Becknell

LG Electronics USA announced its 2022 lineup of TONE Free true wireless earbuds that offer an entirely new sound experience. The new T90 and TF8 models include a variety of advanced features, as well as an updated design that are now available for purchase at and LG-authorized retailers nationwide. LG Electronics released a new TONE Free T90 Dolby Atmos®1 as well as a new TONE Free Fit (TF8).

Before now, LG Electronics have never supported Dolby Head Tracking for all devices. However, LG Electronics have released LG's TONE Free T90 Dolby Atmos®1 earbuds that reshape sound when users move their heads, so users are immersed in a genuine sound experience. Whether listening to music, or playing a video game, users will experience a whole new engagement with their sound. Dolby’s never-before-seen design of the T90s also introduces a wireless earbud with an audio virtualizer.

For users who prefer music during their workout, the 2022 lineup features LG's new TONE Free Fit (TF8), specifically designed to stay secure during the most strenuous workouts. Using SwivelGrip technology, the T58 keeps earbuds stable and snug when active. The T58 also boosts air circulation due to its weightless design.

The TF8 model provides everything a user would need including an effective noise canceling feature, a natural sounding Meridian HSP technology and hypoallergenic ear gels to prevent irritation. To stay out and about with no worries, this design is also water resistant.

Both models of LG’s new TONE Free models are supplied with a UVnano+ charging case that kills 99.9% of bacteria on the ear gels in just 10 minutes using a UV-C light. LG Electronics now has wider compatibility with Bluetooth devices. Even devices that do not have Bluetooth compatibility, the charging case features a Plug & Wireless feature that allows users to still Connect. With the goal of enhanced connectivity, a USB-C to AUX cable is also included, which allows users to plug into a wider range of products. Wherever a user may be, a wireless connection is readily available.

LG Electronics information about new products can be found at

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