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Lay on these pillowcases with wet hair

I dare you. Lay on pillows with these pillowcases with wet hair!

DryZzz founders and sisters, Linda and Susan, had an idea when Linda’s daughter needed an idea for a school project that solves everyday problems. As Linda was going to bed after a shower, she had the idea of a dual sided towel and pillowcase - and at that moment DryZzz was born!

The towel side absorbs moisture so you can sleep with wet hair.

Not only is this an incredibly comfy product, but a portion of the proceeds go to Sofia’s Hope to fund research for childhood cancer. Learn more at

The pillow cases are soft, comfortable and are easy to care for. Perfect for use in summer or winter.

The experts say: he microfiber towel is impressively soft and does an amazing job at absorbing wetness while maintaining its warmth.

Choose from assortment of colors and styles.

Get yours at

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