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Last minute gift idea to protect your sub with SubSafe

Pick up one right where you order your Pub Sub at Publix.

There is nothing worse than soggy sandwiches? SubSafe is the ultimate sandwich container that keeps your sub sandwich safe, never soggy. SubSafe is BPA Free and made from the same plastic that is used for baby bottles. This high quality plastic makes SubSafe waterproof, crushproof, and it floats.

With its ingenious multi-purpose design, SubSafe can also be used as a cup or bowl, or after finishing your fresh, delicious sandwich, it can keep your keys, wallet, and phone safe. Whether it’s out on the water, at the park, or in the break room, SubSafe keeps your sub sandwich safe, never soggy.

Available right in your Publix deli.

This Product:

Includes 3 pieces that will thread together to protect a 6" or 12" sandwich.

Waterproof, crushproof, and floats.

12” fits a bottle of wine, protecting it in the cooler or your luggage.

6” works perfect for a cocktail shaker.

Perfect for boating, tailgating, golf, beach, camping, hunting, and the break room.

Comes in different colors.

Even the story behind SubSafe is amazing!

One Hot Summer Day Offshore Changed Everything.

The founder, Adam was boating 40 miles off the coast of Ponce Inlet, Florida when he pulled a ruined sub out of the cooler for the last time. Too many times in his life he had chosen to not eat at all rather than take a single bite of a soggy bread.

The cooler is no place for a vulnerable sub.

He decided subs need protection.

They need to be kept safe.

SubSafe was born.



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