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Kohler releases new generator for the home

Kohler Co. has released its 26 kW (26RCA) air-cooled home standby generator. This new model rounds out Kohler's air-cooled home generator offering, providing homeowners, dealers and partners with air-cooled backup power solutions from 6 kW through 26 kW.

The 26RCA generator provides "hands-off" automatic operation utilizing the home's fuel sources (natural gas or propane). This offers the homeowner hassle-free security and peace of mind during the entire length of an outage, adding to the overall sense of wellbeing in the home.

Kohler's advanced engineering team enhanced the features of the new 26 kW to outperform current market standards, including:

No generator is quieter* – The new 26RCA generator offers a gracious experience to the homeowner, and their neighbors, and areas with stringent sound regulations.

*26kW air-cooled home standby generator (during exercise mode)

No generator is more powerful* – The 26RCA unit can power circuits in larger homes including demanding loads like heat pumps and air conditioners without sacrificing power to other circuits.

*26kW air-cooled home standby generator

Most durable air-cooled home standby generator – The 26RCA unit includes a commercial engine with oil level and oil pressure sensors to protect the engine if the generator needs to be left unattended during extended power outages. The engine also includes hydraulic valve lifters that eliminate maintenance due to valve wear, and a heavy-duty commercial crankcase and crankshaft to ensure longevity.

Kohler conducts accelerated generator testing under rigorous load conditions to meet a 20-year life expectancy. Kohler shows its confidence in its generators by including a limited warranty that includes coverage for parts, labor and travel for five full years.

The new 26 kW generator will be offered in 14 color and pattern options, including 10 new exclusive KOHLER colors and 3 Mossy Oak camouflage patterns, along with its popular cashmere color. KOHLER colors and patterns help homeowners make their standby generator complement the aesthetic of their home or stand out to make a statement. These new aesthetic personalization options on KOHLER home generators are unique to the category and further celebrate Kohler's longstanding leadership within color innovation.

Consumers can find more information on the Kohler Home Energy website.


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