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Keyboard complaints: Flyers take to Twitter to complain and more

Social media, specifically Twitter, has become a platform for consumer complaints. After months of airline issues, including flight cancellations, delays, staff shortages, and baggage mishandled, it seems travelers have plenty to complain about.

So, InsureMyTrip analyzed more than 4,000 tweets over a two week period, to discover which of the nine largest airlines received the most negative mentions.

For the second year in a row, Frontier Airlines has the highest proportions of poor reviews, with more than 60% of its Twitter mentions containing a negative sentiment.

American Airlines and Spirit Airlines follow closely with 59% of negative mentions. Specifically American Airlines was the worst performer for mishandled bags. While Spirit Airlines received the highest negative tweet score for ‘customer service.’

Delta Airlines and JetBlue Airlines complete the top five worst performing airlines for negative tweets with 52% respectively.

“Issues at the airport dominated the news this summer, so this study can be an important one for those planning on traveling this fall and winter,” says InsureMyTrip Director of Marketing Sarah Webber. “The hope is this study will help travelers choose the right airline for them – knowing in advance what they may be getting themselves into.”

Do you take to Twitter when something gets delayed or fishy at the airport?

To read the entire study ranking U.S. airlines by Twitter sentiment, click here.


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