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Ken Shamrock new partnerships and ventures

Legendary UFC & Wrestling Champion and Hall Of Famer, Ken Shamrock will launch Valor Sports Coin (V$) on theBinance blockchain. Ken startedValor Bare Knuckle as a “fighter for fighters” promotion but created Valor Sports to support all sports athletes in part through direct engagement with their fans and the crypto world. Valor Sports Coin (V$) will be a reward token paying BNB rewards to its holders & already has partnerships with $GREED, TCG World &WallStreetBets. The world saw the power of the people when WallStreetBets and their community championed AMC and GameStop stocks against Wall Street hedge funds. Now they see the value of Valor Sports, $GREED, and TCG in the Metaverse and the Crypto world and are backing them in an exclusive strategic partnership.

The TCG World partnership allows for the Valor Sports Metaverse build to tie every utility together in the Valor Sports Ecosystem with much room to spare for our forward-looking projects.

Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney says the Metaverse is a multi trillion-dollar opportunity. Valor Sports will be providing a high-tech multi-sports arena to showcase NFTs for all their athletes while incorporating crypto sports games and beyond. Ken Shamrock’sValor Bare Knuckle will have theBout Circle reproduced inside the Roman Colosseum where if your avatar dares to step into the circle, you better be prepared to fight your way out. What better way to showcase Hall of Fame wrestler and UFC Champion, Ken Shamrock’s career than inside a lion-shaped building to represent the Lion’s Den. The Lion’s Den was the first fight club ever and was created by the world’s most dangerous man himself.

In recent days, Dana White was seen saying that if you don’t like how the UFC pays their fighters then go start your own league. Challenge accepted and that’s the inspiration behind Valor Bare Knuckle. Ken created it to give the fans exactly what they were looking for while protecting the fighters.“Stand them up”, was a common theme throughout his career so with Valor Bare Knuckle there’s no grappling, no clinching, no takedowns, no ropes and/or cages or anything impeding your view of the Bout Circle. Valor Bare Knuckle and it's unique ruleset will produce faster and more exciting fights and is the future of true bare knuckle boxing.


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