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Keeping mosquitos at bay this summer

As Americans continue to head outdoors this summer to soak up the sun, there is more to protect from than harmful UV rays: mosquitoes and ticks that may carry the potential risk of insect-borne diseases are hovering around.

OFF! ®, one of SC Johnson's leading pest control brands, is on a mission to help people protect themselves before that first nip from a mosquito or tick because applying insect repellent after the first bug bite may already be too late. And while prevention is the best protection against mosquitoes and ticks, according to a recent survey, two-thirds of Americans (66%) aren't using bug spray correctly*. Of the 80 percent of surveyed Americans who use bug spray, only 14 percent use bug spray before they leave the house*.

"The heat and humidity of summer creates the ultimate breeding ground for pests," said Maude Meier, SC Johnson entomologist. "Standing water is also a major concern as it attracts mosquitoes. Only the female mosquitoes may bite, but they have quite the appetite. There is no limit to the number of bites one mosquito could inflict, so it's vital to protect your family from both the nuisance of mosquitoes and the potential risk of mosquito-borne diseases."

As a pioneer in personal insect repellents for over 60 years, SC Johnson is proud of the proven effectiveness of its products. The SC Johnson Center for Insect Science and Family Health™, one of the largest privately-owned urban entomology centers in the world, is focused on the advanced science of insect biology, insect-borne disease prevention, and effective product solutions for consumer use. The science behind brands like OFF! is grounded in knowledge from world-class entomologists who have devoted their careers to helping to eradicate diseases like Malaria and Zika.


To help consumers plan ahead, OFF!, the #1 Dermatologist Recommended Repellent Brand**, is encouraging Americans to adopt a PREtection ritual. PREtection, a term inspired by expert SC Johnson entomologists who advocate for prevention as the best protection, is the act of preparing ahead of time to guard against risk. The recommended PREtection ritual involves applying insect repellent after sunscreen, as a final step in peoples' going-out routine.

"Before being exposed to mosquitoes or ticks, it's important to apply insect repellent in advance of going out - similar to using sunscreen as part of a daily routine," said Dr. Jessica Wu, a renowned dermatologist who practices in Los Angeles. "I'm excited to partner with OFF! to help educate people on the importance of planning ahead and applying bug spray as directed. And with OFF! Clean Feel, now there is a product that makes it easy to use every day. It has a lightweight formula with no odor or greasy feel. You don't even notice it's on. I recommend OFF! Clean Feel to all my patients, but especially those who experience hyperpigmentation or skin sensitivity to insect bites."

OFF! is making it even easier for consumers to adopt a PREtection ritual with two new products that can help the whole family protect themselves during the peak season, including:

OFF! Clean Feel Insect Repellent – mosquito repellent available in an aerosol or spritz bottle with product attributes that are changing the insect repellent game. Clean Feel has no greasy feel or odor, providing a pleasant and trusted DEET-free protection from mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies. Formulated with 20% picaridin, a highly effective active ingredient, it gives you protection that lasts for up to eight hours. According to survey findings, people's least favorite thing about bug spray is the feel of it on their skin (43%)*. Not surprisingly, the second least favorite was the smell (36%)*.

OFF! Kids Insect Repellent Spray – mosquito repellent spritz is powered by plant-derived ingredients, featuring an effective plant-based formula to provide up to 90 minutes of protection against bites. It's DEET-free and contains no added fragrance or dyes. Parents can feel confident that their entire family is protected because Kids Spray is safe to use on kids six months old and up (when used as directed).

OFF! Clean Feel and Kids Spray repellents can be purchased through major retailers, including Amazon, Target and Walmart. For a full list of store availability, visit

Introducing the OFF!Cast Mosquito Forecast™

In addition to launching new products, OFF! partnered with Google Cloud and Climate Engine to create a first of its kind model that predicts mosquito populations up to seven days in advance based on mosquito biology. OFF!Cast allows people to get their local mosquito forecast as easily as their local weather forecast. Now, OFF! helps Americans prepare and plan ahead before even arriving at a family barbecue, taking a trip to the park, or even exploring a new city when traveling this summer.

"We are putting the power in consumers' hands by providing them with a tool to help predict their potential exposure and prevent mosquito bites," continued Meier. "It's an exciting time to be working in the field of insect science as we find new opportunities to combine science and technology, to further our mission to prevent the spread of insect-borne diseases."

Available today, OFF!Cast will help predict mosquito outbreaks across the United States with the goal of expanding to other markets, like Brazil and Mexico, in the near future.

For more information on new products and to check out the OFF!Cast Mosquito Forecast, visit

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