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K'dara CBD Wellness Gummies for women and more

The year is 2020, in the beginning stages of COVID-19, Katrina Thompkins took on her biggest challenge yet; founding K’dara, a CBD Wellness brand that advocates for every woman’s wellbeing.

Previously working as an ICU nurse focusing on pain management in Downtown, L.A - directly with COVID - 19 patients. As it’s been a year since opening and creating a community of women using K’dara’s luxury CBD (which has a pharmaceutical recipe.)

K'dara facts:

They come in yummy nostalgic gummies like our Watermelon Delight or Peach Rings

Provides a relaxed and balanced feeling <3

CBD offers many healing benefits such as; decreasing pain, help with stress relief, promotes calmness within and supports restful sleep

They are discreet and very tasty

Created by an ICU nurse and her mother so every woman can have access to wellness

Thompkins stated, “All women should have access to luxury wellness and CBD, know it’s time to prioritize reaching out to every woman.”

The Watermelon CBD Gummies:

Each watermelon delight is infused with 25 mg of our premium quality CBD isolate. If you are looking for on-the-go relief or some relaxation after a long day, treat yourself to one of our K’dara CBD watermelon delights. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Prices are very reasonable and one order will last a long time.

Get results and see more here.

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