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Just in time for Big Game, Avocados From Mexico with a 'AI Recipe Generator'

When it comes to the Big Game and beyond, guacamole is always the MVP. Avocados From Mexico®, the number one selling avocado brand in the U.S., is making sure party hosts don't fumble the food this year, thanks to its new GuacAImole tool. The generative AI platform, created in collaboration with digital experience agency 270B, is helping sports fans everywhere host a #BetterBowl—a game-day viewing party made better with plenty of guac. By using text, image recognition and image generation to cook up personalized recipes, Avocados From Mexico is creating new ways to reach all generations of consumers.

The always good avocado brand is the first in the produce space to utilize multi-modal AI, and GuacAImole only requires one photo to work its magic. Once someone uploads either a picture of ingredients or a finished dish, AI generates a guacamole recipe using those items. From salmon to berries, anything is possible, as the tool can suggest both tangy and savory takes on the fan-favorite dip. Each personalized recipe will be delivered with an ingredient list, step-by-step directions, flavor combinations, food pairings and an AI-generated concept image to show off what the guacamole should look like.

The platform leverages three technologies: GPT-4 (text), GPT-4 Vision (image recognition) and DALL-E (image generation). Combining all of these into one beautifully designed brand-forward experience, GuacAImole is a simple-yet-interactive tool for users.

With 55% of consumers believing that the Big Game is a good time to experiment with something a little different—and 58% among those planning to make guac—the GuacAImole launch is well timed to deliver plenty of inspiration for game day. The tool makes prep and planning easier than ever, with three ways for users to add guac to their Better Bowl gatherings and beyond:

Make your ingredients better: Visit and upload a picture of ingredients you want to use. The AI recognizes each item included in the image and suggests a customized guacamole. For example, take a picture of feta cheese and cucumbers, and GuacAImole turns it into "Big Game Greek-Inspired Guacamole Fiesta."

Make your meal better: Or, rather than individual ingredients, upload a photo of a completed dish. The AI can identify the food via photo and break it into its components. For example, input an image of chicken wings and you'll get "Touchdown Buffalo Wing Guacamole." Have some extra buffalo wing sauce? No problem—make it even better by whipping up "Gridiron Glory Guacamole."

Make your party planning better: Users can also interact with the platform's questionnaire about event size, spice levels, flavor preferences, serving sizes and more, to get guac recipes customized to their needs.

"Creating innovation that matters is a big part of our culture at Avocados From Mexico. Integrating our brand with the cultural trends around us—in this case, AI and the Big Game—gives us an opportunity to continue building our brand and growing awareness in a way that excites and engages consumers," shared Alvaro Luque, president and CEO of Avocados From Mexico. "But as much as we wanted to create something fun that reminds them Avocados From Mexico are always good, it was just as important for us to invent a tool that is helpful and makes it easy to add avocados to their celebrations. We're incredibly proud to launch GuacAImole and hope avocado fans have fun using it to put a new spin on their guac recipes."

The Big Game is the number one consumption occasion for avocados and guacamole. Avocados From Mexico is responsible for more than 96% of avocado sales in the U.S. leading up to the game, with an estimated 250 million pounds of Mexican avocados imported. That's enough to cover a football field with more than 75 feet of guacamole!

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Avocados From Mexico to elevate Big Game festivities with GuacAImole, the first AI-powered tool in the produce sector that turns your photos and texts into custom guacamole recipes," added Kristian Bottini, CEO of 270B. "With a blend of cutting-edge technologies, GuacAImole offers a seamless, brand-integrated experience that redefines culinary creativity. Ready for action beyond game day, it's a taste of the future, today."

Avocados From Mexico is ready to make game day even better for football fans everywhere. This is just the beginning, with plans to evolve GuacAImole with voice and video capabilities already underway—because game day or not, guacamole is always good.

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