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Is Travel Returning for the Fall?

HomeToGo, the world’s largest vacation rental marketplace, this week released its 2021 Fall Travel Forecast, sharing new insights and emerging travel trends heading into the upcoming fall season. With many countries easing restrictions and now accepting negative COVID-19 tests or proof of vaccination, U.S. travelers are beginning to break out their passports and suitcases. Searches for stays in international destinations are already up by more than 85 percent compared to the same period last year*.

“People are clearly excited about traveling internationally again. From the Maldives to Puerto Rico, we’re seeing vacation rental searches for international getaways more than double compared to last year, with emphasis on coastal and rural destinations, signaling travelers are ready to get back out there this fall,” said Caroline Burns, Head of PR and Travel Expert at HomeToGo. “When looking at domestic travel, lakeside stays and mountain spots are of equal interest with destinations like Lake Lanier and The Hamptons spiking in searches as travelers look for responsible ways to satisfy their desire to explore.”

Key Findings from the HomeToGo 2021 Fall Travel Forecast

HomeToGo analyzed its observed searches from U.S. travelers, highlighting the major trends for the upcoming fall Season (September 21 - December 22), including:

● International Travel is Making a Comeback: The amount of searches for international stays is up by +88% compared to fall 2020 and additionally fast approaching the level of search demand seen prior to the pandemic (-2% vs. fall 2019).

Top searched destinations by U.S. travelers for this fall:

1. Puerto Rico; 2. Ireland; 3. Spain; 4. Italy; 5. Maldives

● Rural Destinations in High Demand: The number of travelers looking for cabin and beach house getaways continues to rise this autumn. Searches for vacation rentals in rural areas are up by +7% compared to fall 2020, and +37% compared to fall 2019, respectively.

Rural destinations seeing the most growth in search demand compared to last year: Brown County, IN (598%); The Hamptons, NY (+418%); Hocking Hills, OH (+345%); Lake Lanier, GA (263%) and Deep Creek Lake, MD (+232%).

● City Trips Get A Much Needed Boost: Searches for vacation rentals in urban areas are up by +29% compared to fall 2020. These numbers signal a promising comeback for big metro areas, such as New York and San Francisco, although the number of searches is still below pre-pandemic levels (-26% vs. fall 2019), given the overall preference travelers currently have for rural getaways.

Top searched urban cities by U.S. travelers this autumn:

1. Nashville; 2. Orlando; 3. Miami; 4. San Diego; 5. Las Vegas

● Last-Minute Travel Gets Left Behind: With many popular destinations booked out months in advance this past summer, travelers have started planning farther in advance for their fall 2021 trips. The average time between booking and check-in for this fall is currently four months (119 days to check-in). This number is significantly higher compared to the same period last year (89 days) and nearly equal to the levels before the pandemic in 2019 (122 days).

● Travelers are Venturing Further from Home: The average search distance for domestic trips this fall is 576 miles (+41% vs. fall 2020), signaling travelers are gaining comfort in traveling further from home. This average is also nearly on par with levels seen before the pandemic in 2019 (531 miles).

More insights from the full report can be found at:

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HomeToGo is a marketplace with the world's largest selection of vacation rentals, listing millions of offers from thousands of trusted partners, including Airbnb,, Vrbo and TripAdvisor. From vacation homes, cabins, beach houses, apartments, condos, house boats, castles, farm stays and everything in between, HomeToGo combines price, destination, dates and amenities to find the perfect accommodation for any trip worldwide.

Founded in 2014, HomeToGo employs more than 350 people and manages 23 local apps & websites across Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia-Pacific. HomeToGo also operates brands such as and Wimdu. To learn more, visit or download the HomeToGo app.


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