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Introducing MAGnetic WallCharger: The future of cable-free charging

Easy charging on the go!

Are you yearning for a world without the mess of cables and the endless wait of slow charging? Meet the MAGnetic WallCharger – an epitome of sleek design and advanced technology, ushering you into the new era of wireless charging.

The MAGnetic WallCharger harnesses groundbreaking magnetic technology to deliver an impeccable charging experience. Here's the magic: Hover your MagSafe-compatible device onto the charger, and voilà – charging commences instantaneously! And for those without an iPhone, there's no need for FOMO. The MAGnetic WallCharger extends its genius to all Qi-compatible smartphones*.

But that’s not where it's allure ends. Flaunting a contemporary and minimalist facade, the MAGnetic WallCharger is a statement piece that effortlessly complements any setting. To cater to the versatile needs of the tech-savvy, a hidden 20 Watt Type C port is nestled at its base, ready to power up other devices from smartphones to tablets.

Globetrotters, rejoice! No matter if you’re indulging in the elegance of Paris or immersing in New York’s vibrancy, this WallCharger is your trusty companion. Equipped with swappable EU & US plugs, it ensures your gadgets are ever-energized, irrespective of the destination.

Discover a revolution in charging with the MAGnetic WallCharger. It’s not just a product; it’s an experience!

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