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How many visits did Amazon get in 2023? Over 100 billion

Have you wondered that Amazon's e-commerce platform reached over 100 billion visits in 2023, with a 33.81% growth over the last five years?

Among the 108.3 billion visits gathered by Amazon e-commerce last year, the USA domain has a massive 47.18% global traffic share, with 51.1 billion visits. Following this remarkable contribution, other countries also played key roles: Japan accounted for 10.53% with 11.4 billion visits, India followed with 8.13% contributing 8.8 billion visits, Germany recorded 7.28% with 7.9 billion visits, and the UK rounded out the top contributors with 6.38% equivalent to 6.9 billion visits.

Let me tell you. This is just a smaller picture of a larger narrative done by on Amazon E-commerce’s Global Visits and Growth in 2023. This study reveals an astonishing trajectory of growth and influence in the global e-commerce landscape.

The methodology for analyzing Amazon's e-commerce traffic from 2019 to 2023 involved aggregating yearly and monthly visit data from 20 country-specific domains using SEMrush's analytics tools, conducting domain-specific traffic pattern analyses, and synthesizing this data to assess Amazon's overall global reach, growth, and market penetration.

Key Findings of Amazon's Global E-commerce Traffic by Country (2023):

2023 Record Visits: Amazon reached a historic high of 108.3 billion global visits in 2023, averaging 9.03 billion visits monthly and about 300 million daily.

United States: Dominates with 51.1 billion visits, 47.18% of Amazon's global traffic.

Asia: Significant with 21 billion visits; Japan (11.4 billion) and India (8.8 billion) are at the forefront.

Europe: Strong with 25.6 billion visits, led by Germany (7.9 billion) and the UK (6.9 billion).

Brazil: Leads South America with 3.3 billion visits, representing the region's entire Amazon traffic.

Middle East: Emerging market with 823 million visits, notably in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Amazon E-commerce: Global Traffic Growth in the Last 5 Years (2019-2023)

Between 2019 and 2023, Amazon's global traffic on its e-commerce platform surged from 71.7 billion to 108.3 billion visits, a 33.81% increase. Notably, 2020 saw a peak growth of 20.95%, reflecting a shift in consumer online shopping habits.

Despite a slight dip in 2022, 2023 rebounded strongly, contributing to a total increase of 36.6 billion visits over five years. In 2023, Amazon averaged 9 billion monthly visits, emphasizing its dominance in the global e-commerce market.

Total Global Visits of Amazon E-commerce by Country Web Domain, 2023

North America (Total 56.6 Billion Visits):

The United States, with its domain, led significantly, garnering 51.1 billion visits, a massive 47.18% of Amazon's global traffic. This highlights the strong dominance of the US market.

Canada's contributed 3.4 billion visits (3.10% of total visits), while Mexico's added 2.2 billion visits (2.04%), showing meaningful participation in the region's e-commerce activity.

Asia (Total 21 Billion Visits):

Japan's ranked as the second most visited with 11.4 billion visits (10.53%), underlining Amazon's significant influence in Asia.

India, with, closely followed by 8.8 billion visits (8.13%), reflecting the rapid adoption of e-commerce in one of the world's most populous nations.

Other notable contributions came from Turkey ( with 776.3 million visits and China ( with 14.6 million visits, indicating varied market penetration across the continent.

Europe (Total 25.6 Billion Visits):

Germany's led in Europe with 7.9 billion visits (7.28%), followed closely by the UK's with 6.9 billion visits (6.38%).

France, Italy, and Spain also showed strong presence with 3.6 billion, 3.2 billion, and 3.1 billion visits, respectively, evidencing

Amazon's well-established market across Europe.

South America (Total 3.3 Billion Visits):

Brazil's alone registered 3.3 billion visits, accounting for all of South America's noted traffic, highlighting the region's growing engagement with Amazon.

Oceania (Total 923 Million Visits):

Australia's recorded 923 million visits, marking the entirety of the continent's traffic and showcasing Amazon's reach in this region.

Middle East (Total 823 Million Visits):

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates made significant contributions with 452.1 million and 371.1 million visits respectively, suggesting Amazon's expanding influence in these markets.

Top 20 Visiting Countries of Amazon Global E-commerce, 2023

United States: Dominated with 42.0 billion visits, a substantial 38.79% of total traffic, underscoring its key role in Amazon's global operations.

Japan: Held the second spot with 11.3 billion visits (10.39%), reflecting its strong preference for Amazon.

India: Recorded 9.7 billion visits, 8.94%, mirroring its rapidly growing e-commerce sector.

Germany: At 6.8 billion visits (6.32%), led Amazon's market in Europe.

United Kingdom: Garnered 6.5 billion visits, 5.97%, highlighting its robust e-commerce culture.

Brazil: With 3.8 billion visits (3.50%), showed significant Amazon engagement in South America.

Canada: Contributed 3.8 billion visits too, representing 3.46%, indicating a strong North American market.

France: French users visited Amazon 3.4 billion times (3.11%), a solid European market presence.

Italy: Accounted for 3.2 billion visits, 3.00%, showing a steady market presence.

Spain: Brought in 2.9 billion visits, 2.70%, reflecting a strong European strategy.


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