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Holiday cleaning: include your earbuds

In times of COVID-19, you can’t be too careful about disinfecting items that contact the inside of your ears. With the use of earbuds skyrocketing along with screens due to the pandemic, it’s no wonder they’re so dirty. Business Insider recently reported on a study done to see just how dirty your earbuds are. Out of 22 swabbed earbuds, two tested for yeast and one tested for a type of bacteria associated with dirt. Bacteria can form and grow on earbuds causing ear infections or ear itchiness. It's the perfect time of the year to get your earbuds clean.

The new Earbud Cleaning Kit, developed by Fort Worth biotech company Eosera, Inc, along with others products listed on our store, can serve as a perfect holiday gift to your family & friends of all ages. Have a look!

It's easy-to-use kit that has everything you need to clean away the wax and dirt from the earbuds you use every day. See those sparkling AirPods once more with the Earbud Cleaning Kit.

Safely clean earbuds with the cleaning putty and disinfecting wipes for a simple, no-fuss process.

Hear your music clearer with EARBUD CLEANING KIT by unclogging your earbuds.

Includes : 30 squares of cleaning putty, 10 alcohol towelettes, 2 delicate brush heads, and 1 perfectly sized magnifying glass all in a portable, reusable storage container.

Available at retailers like CVS and online at Amazon.

Customer Review:

I bought two of these for I am so excited for stocking stuffers for my daughter and her husband. This is a brilliant idea. People don’t think about cleaning their earbuds. If they do think about it, they don’t know what to use to clean them.

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$29.99 you can get your earbud cleaning kit here.

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