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Help birds during these chilly months

Everyone needs a little extra help come the holidays and the rest of the winter.

That includes the birds in your yard!

1. Fill your bird feeder with high-energy food

Great options include peanuts, peanut butter, sunflower chips, dried fruits, dried berries and suet.

2. Keep your feeder full & refill it late in the day

It’s hard to forage for food when it's dark out. Give birds access to full feeders just before sunset to help keep them full.

3. Add a ground feeder

There are quite a few species that prefer to feed on the ground such as doves, thrashers, robins, and wrens.

4. Provide clean, fresh water

Provide fresh water for hydration. In extremely cold weather, consider a heated bird bath.

5. Clean snow & ice off feeders

Brush snow and ice off your feeders during and after storms to keep the food accessible.

6. Leave leaves in your backyard alone

Create a leaf litter haven by not raking away fallen leaves as it disrupts the birds’ food chain.

7. Provide shelter

Build a simple stick pile in the corner of your yard and put up roosting boxes for birds to use.

8. Mark window surfaces

Affix window decals to prevent collisions in shorter daylight, safeguarding birds from window strikes and injuries.

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