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Happy Birdwatcher will keep your yard's birds happy

Curated bird seed for your feeders.

The Happy Birdwatcher Company is amazing for backyards and a great way to start a new hobby: birdwatching!

The Happy Birdwatcher Company's The Simply Seeds Box is the perfect for birdwatchers that have more than one seed feeder and want to attract a greater number and diversity of wild birds. The Happy Birdwatcher Company delivers a simple way to get thoughtfully blended, high-quality seed tailored to your backyard so you can experience the happiness of watching wild birds flourish in your outdoor space.To learn more about the company and The Simply Seeds Box, check out

Let our Bird Experts Do the Work for You

All products are tailored specifically for you, your birds, and your outdoor space! We keep track of what birds are in your area each month and adjust your mixes accordingly so you’re always offering up exactly what your year-round and migratory bird visitors want.

Every HappySeed Box contains an information-packed letter from your personal bird expert with details about this month’s tailored blend. In addition to letting you know what birds to look for this month in your backyard, we’ll give you customized tips to help you live your best birdwatching life.


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